Some time it been… Me crew and their Capt’n have been wee bit tied to say the least.  The king and all his men, can’t keep me and me best ten. Ha Ha….  Garr.

A poet say’s I.  But continue I shall.   We run about the Kings fastest ship, may it be the fastest in all the sea? We tried to out run, and run and run we did, but by the

Big guns and their hot iron we could not flee.  She spit our decks and splintard tar masts and we could not longer keep chase.  We lost a good many but we only needed the strongest.  Davey Jones’s belly be full for a time with the losses we suffer.  The solder sailors I call crumn took us a board and made us captive in the haul. Jailed we

Were, slaved we were, tried by a wig and sentence to hangin was to be a fait.  Oh, but real men we be, Free men, we believe and we showed to be true.  When we caused a ruckus and set sail on a new vessel…  a faster vessel… Guessed it you had, the very ship that sunk me own.