Back Taken was I, at the beauty of all the dear lovelies we happened upon in the cells of La Coruna.  Cursed we are for the sea to lead us thar.  Three moons before, me crew spotted flowties in tar water.  All about ti flowties was rum and parts of men and the vessel to keep em dry. Around neck of one the bastards doomed to be lay dead in the blue and great waters was a rope of gold and a token of Spain.


Raised sail at full speed while our hope lay in dee hands of lord be hosts should thar he show good graces and guide us to treasure. Night was fallen and de port was ripe for looten.  Sniffen da buildins hungry far me loot, me men sniffed out sometin else. Found ripe poppets we did and it be our doom as well.   Fair and beautiful yes, but evil as they come.  Seduced we were be the likes of theirs movement.   Known we shoulda, that these lassies were no good.  Told us they could take us to the gold they did.  And men of our caliber not deny a lady.  So fallowed we did, in and out the streets of La Coruna. And found our selves in a pickle when we found our selves in a jail cell.  The lassies tricked us!  Pirate fools we be and in our cage of steel, and took aboard me ship and took what thar pretty hands could handle.   Damn them to hell!  


Getting out of our cage was as not at all hard, with the guard’s men drunk and sleepn.  And a pact we have made to kill any Gypsies we see, if we can bring our self’s to be not gentlemen.