Name:  Cracky
Age: 29
Origin: Middelhagen, Germany (The Baltic Sea) 

Lat   +54.33376 N

Long -13.69792 E

Ship: The Retched Wickered Wench
Rank: 1st Mate

The History of Cracky:

Cracky is a determined pirate, he has been sailing the sea's for 10 years.  He has moved from bilge cleaner to deck hand, he moved from deck hand to manning the crows nest, But after two days on the job and being afraid of hights the crows nest was not the place for Cracky. After the crows nest the cap'n promoted Cracky to First Mate, and he has held that rank on the ship for 5 years.

Cracky always is getting in trouble.  He loves ladies and the lord knows the ladies love Cracky.  Because Cracky is always looking for love, he finds himself stranded at ports all over the world.  Cracky can't tell time so he is frequently forgetting the time the ship sails from port.   

Cracky is helpless.  He is a hopeless romantic.  He loves the sea but most of all he searches for his true love. Note: Cracky lost his left leg (below the knee) when his foot fell though a weak plank while working as a deck hand, but he tells everyone that the loss came in a quarrel with the one and only Long John Silver. 

Cracky was born and raised in Middelhagen, Germany, he grew up looking out on the near by islands dreaming of one day sailing and being free on the open water.  His family was very poor, his mother was a maid to a promenent family that lived accross town.  His father was never home.  He was a shoe maker and traveled throughout Europe selling his shoe's to small shoe stores for the towns people.  Cracky was once know as  Jackob Voncrackin, one day when he was about 10 years old he was playing much too close to a frozen pond, soon enough he found himself trying to walk across the pond then he found himself in the pond.  He was screeming at the top of his lungs...  He needed help and needed it fast.  A very tall man appoched him,  he was slow and walked with a cane.  The man wore a patch on this left eye and never once spoke to him.  He lended Cracky his cane and pulled him from the sharp and icy waters.  

Remember: Talk Like a Pirate Day September 19

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