Tis be letters Cracky has sent to me many lasses.


September Eleven Twenty Oh.. Nine (9/11/09)

Ahoy me beauty,

Te big man upstairs took his time with the maken of yee.  Yee beauty is a sight
to be a beholden an yer touch is as soft like air. No man de likes of yer dear
Cracky be deserve'n te lay dirty eyes upon such a sight as yee bee. 
Ya eye’s be of de blue of middle sky at three past noon and yee hair be like silk.
Dare I say ta me love so deep that I’d kill any man with a though not pure.
But not including yeh dear old Cracky that would swim the
length of de Strait of Magellan just feel ye next.
Darling stay me Scrumpet, fer yeh know I be back soon. 
An under the sails of me good Cap’n an when come home ye know
me will, more than me bodies booty will ye get.

Whit me wink of me good eye and a shot of rum in da air, I bid ye good day.


No Reply "Yet"


November, Fourteen Twenty Oh... Seven (11/14/07)
Ahoy me lass,  You be sittin pritty, in me ole mine. Me seein eye has done run me
in, with you bein in me site. Not stand on my own two feet I have the ability to do,
when the likes of you be in me presents, And the heart of en man that I once was....
lay broken at they feet a fair lass that you be.  So if Cracky could kneel down on
me leg of wood, your hand I would ask for to hold. Till Davey Jones and all his
misery takes to the depths of tis vast sea of sorrows, fir all at has laid a sight
on thee.

Garrrrrgg...  Me First Mate, Cracky

-- Reply --

From: Valentia

If askin' my hand ye' are, tis a union I would seek. My beatin' heart have
I given to thee. If stand ye can't in me presents, then upon the deck i'll
take ye. No need ta'be standing when with me ye are. More fun ta take ye
when placeCityur weak at the knee. No pirate has a broader sword than my Cracky
an'none can whield so well. Weak am I have ye on me mind and nowhere near
ye be. May the wind sail ye home to your lonely poppet with thar' moon to
light yer' way.

Ye Bonney Lass, Valentia


November, Thirteen Two Thousand and Seven... Leagues. (11/13/07)

Garg.....  Smirking You'll be with Joy, at my return voyage home. You hoisted me
sails over me largest mast last night and drained me bilge.  You be a poppet for a
pirate like I.... to enjoy.


-- No Reply --


December, Twelve 2007 (12/12/07)

My! My! Be a land lubber I be if only I could bare whitness to the likes of ye. Me
heart beats slow as the icy cold water from the deepest depths of the see poor
through Cracky's vains.  If only could ye press thy boosom to me cold heart and warm
me soul.  Me back breaks on tis deck day and day out. God the almighty hath cursed
mae hands with trial to earn me given lot. And me pass me final lot to yea if that I
be thy last act of devotion. Can night turn be day...  can January turn be May...
For tis day I be by thy side be that day me blood warms..  me broken hands soften...
and me sea hardend face crack a smile.

Forever I be yours,   Me First Mate: Cracky

-- Reply --

From: Princess Vonsholleson

Cracky, Tis the sweetest letter yet. You have surely won my heart. I would give up land and castle to have ye.
Yoo're loving words make me yern for yoo're loving tooch. All the hills in Scotland arn't as wonderful as me Cracky.
My fither may noot aproove of yer love fer me but I doonot care.
I'll wait upon the highest mountain awaiting yur return.
You'll hold me in yer arms and yer loving kiss me lips 'll receive.

'Till ye feet hit land again.

Forever Yours, Princess Vonsholleson


March One and Seven of Two Thousand and Eight (3/17/08)

A bucket of chum me gut feels says I, when me lassie aint by me side.
With me cutlass on me hip, and a bottle in me hand, I cry like a fish in a bowl when ye not be in me bed.
If ya I could have for all time, would leave I would me crew an me riches for the hard and dry
land of ye old country men. A poor man would be I, never the less a man with belly full and his heart content.
Travel the ends, and sleep no more... A tired pirate I be, with ya and ye so many leagues between our true hearts love.

Betray says I, tis life and toil, let ya heart lead ye from ta soil.



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