Ta all ye who feels like mutterings up the strength to ask your dear Cracky a ponder’n, roll up ye message and cast off your pigeon in hopes that Cracky may answers.



Please Note: I'll blast yee where ya stan,

if ye content's not sometin you'd say in the presents of me fairest lady.

Query Cracky: Q & A


Date: 10/12/2009

Q: Avast me love.  Be ya speakin of yer dear old Cracky?  Yerh little numbers dat ye where when ye climb inta me bed are ta keep ye warm. But on ye occasion ye been caught with ye best little panties and that black nighty.   

If ye be written ta me....  just know I'm smitten for ya.


A: You know it Cracky! I've missed you so much while your out to sea, pillaging and drinking. When you're back on land you are too tired sometimes to come to me. Oh, why did I have to fall in love with a pirate! Damn you Cracky! Oh, I hope I'll see you tonight. I'll be wearing your favorite jammies and hope you'll be there to keep me warm on such a cold night.


Date: 9/12/2009

Q: Dear Nameless Pirate,

I be wanting to start a new crew to assist in pillaging.  Would ye be wanten ta join? 


A: Aye, Cracky, we'll put together a crew.  But, on one condition: The first suitable prize that we take, I gets me own ship.  We'll sail under your flag, as sure as the north star, but me own ship, to be sure.

Nameless Pirate

Q2: Hmmm. Farh a buccaneers name not  known, yee drive a hard bargain. Tis be a deal, but Cracky be yarh first mate.  I be not cut farh a captn, an together we can throw de captn of The Retched Wickered Wench.  If ye have a flag te hoist, sail under it Cracky shall, otherwise me current flag will do.

Yarg, Yee First Mate – Cracky


Date: 3/28/2008



Dear Cracky,


How long is your...sword? And, how good are you at wielding it? I'd like to know because I'm thinking of taking up sword fighting and I need a partner to practice with. My body is very...suited for sword play. I would like to meet with you next time your on land.

Looking forward to playing with you.


Yours Truely,

Seductive Swordswoman



Well, Well, Well…..

You must know all about me Cracky…..  Sing’n me tune, you arrh.  A precedence you may have set for this forum, and a play on words you teas your dear Cracky wit. Best be to you to watch that tail of yours before me or some other swashbuckler runs ye down, far a play.


But a question to answer I do. A cutlass I do wield, that I borrowed from a man that was not being ever so polite to a lassie that I took a fond’n to. It be long enough to run a through, and strong enough to protect a slew, for Cracky has just the right skills.


Take to me dear Cracky’s words….. lassie!




Remember: Talk Like a Pirate Day September 19

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