By: Matthew Scholle

Black Water


White shield and his men gently rolled over the smooth waters looking over board.

All the men were gathered along the starboard side of the Dreaded Duwalla scanning and searching for some glimpse of what they had traveled so far to find.  


13 months ago to the day, when they took the booty from the Spanish passenger ship called the Lazarus, Captain White Shield was searching through a young mans chest and found a diary with the secret location to the Black Water treasure.  It was said to have the stolen gold from 3 English ships that carried the taxes from the new world back to His Majesty.   This amount of gold was a must for the men. They were willing to risk their lives and their souls to find a treasure such as this.  Not really because of the fact that it’s gold and jewels but because it was the Kings gold and having what was his in their position meant more than the actual value it’s self.


The boat leaned towards the water, as the men kept scanning.  The waters were as black as the night and as smooth as glass.  The diary said that they would see the firey eye of devil him-self looking back at them from the depths of hell and at that moment there they would find the riches of the king. Even being so close to their latest find.  White Shield and his men new they were playing with fire, for the waters that they frolic in, were shallow and because the water was dark and lifeless they could not see if they were about to run-aground.  There was not a wind, not even a kiss from the sky.  The men could not even breathe because of the putrid smell of the stale sea.  Yet each man gazed on searching for the twinkle of the eye they had heard about months before.  Each of the men knew the story that the diary told, and each of them had dreamt of feeling the gold pouring through their fingers. 


Hours had gone by, and the men began to grow restless with the thought that the story was just that.  But White Shield looked on. Never taking his burning eyes off the glassy waters.  Then with a sudden shout The Captain yelled: “Mister Cracky, Drop our lead hook, for we be at our destination.” for he just saw a flicker of the burning eye.   Then men looked down, and scanned the waters and saw the slightest flicker of what they new to be their gold. 


Just then one of the men jumped into the stinking water, and Captain yelled out stop! But it was too late.  As soon as the man hit the waters, the most violent splash was heard.  Then a scream, then a deep rumble.  The waters were no longer calm and the crew ran to their stations.  The diary had spoken of a guardian that never took its eyes off its precious golden find that lay on the floor of the darkest part of the sea.  But the crew thought it a scare tactic, and they were not prepared to see what they were seeing.


With a grumbling like the most valiant storm, the Leviathan rose from the shallow waters. Its mouth filled with teeth, and its tongue like a snake, its fingers long and bony with claws like a hawk, its scales like armor, and a back lined with horns it looked at us with fiery in his black eyes.  The grew of the Duwalla ran to hoist sail, and White Shield commanded to pull the ancker.  The Captain looked at the monster, as it was drawling back as if to lash out on the boat and his men.  Fire spewed from is nostrils with anger and its claws slashed at the ship.  Just as the breath of god filled the sails of the crews beloved Duwalla and pulled the ship across the calm waters at a high rate of speed, The anchor was being drawled up it caught hold of the box of gold that lay on the floor of the Dark water sea spilling only a small amount of value. The crew shot cannons and harpoons at the dreaded Leviathan, but they merely bounced off its armor of scales. 


As the monster slashed viscously at the boat while the men worked hard to keep the boat skimming across the waters.  The beast swiftly moved through the darkness popping up, slashing at the sails, screaming with a deafening screech and shooting fire with each breath. White Shield kept his calm, and watching the Leviathan he realized what to do. Just them he yelled out with a command. “Cracky me mate, be a sport and take be our loot me qourters, so tis vile squirming villain cain’t peer upon the firery shine of its gold.” The captain had noticed the monster had not taken its eyes off the precious flickering shine of the gold. He ran over the main mast and loosened the sail.  Some of the men watched him as he did this in disbelief, the thought that White Shield add lost his mind and were ultimately dooming the crew of the Duwalla.  White Shield with his hand tightly gripping the rope of the largest sail waited, he watched as the sea serpent ducked in and out of the water, ever focused on the ship that held its gold.


Captain London White Shield, watched and waited for the right moment. Then he said with a strong voice: “Tis be what I been searching thirteen months! Be I not letton ta likes of a retched serpent that walked out of ye good book end thy plans that I and me crew have bleed and burned so long farrr.”  Just as he finished his speech he let loose of the rope that held the mast.  The sail caught the wind and filled to its fullest, it pulled tight and all the ropes holding it snapped with a thunder.  The sail flowed through the air and looked as an angel in the sky.  As the Duwalla only slowed a bit, the Leviathan came to the surface its head was caught in the sail that floated in the air.  It could not see the ship; it could not see its precious treasure.  It screamed and growled like nothing your mind could imagine. As the beast fought in a panic to remove the vale that covered its eyes, the Duwalla sailed off and out of the dark waters.


Then men crowed in the captain’s quarters, waiting for White Shield to reveal what they had worked so hard to posses.  The men stood with smiles on their soiled faces, as he showed and divided each of them their spoils.  When the task was complete White Shield stood a top of the chest that once held the Kings taxes and said.  “On tis day of days, known it shall be, the bucs of the Dreaded Duwalla sailed ta pits of hell to face Gods own guardian of te sea…. and took ownership of te Black Water Treasure. Ye should all be proud that be alive, and richer still because of ye will and ye treasure. Hear our silence for a moments wink and we mourn our dead, for that we wont be splitting with em. Now all men make haste and set to full sail, to our next confrontation were our adversaries fail.”




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