Name:  Captain London White Shield 
Age: 33
Origin: Amderma-Nenets, Russia (The Northeast Passage - Kara Sea)

LAT +69.75120 N

LON -61.66057 E

Ship: The Dreaded Duwalla
Rank: Captain 

The History of White Shield:

London White Shield was born in the small town of Amderma, Russia.  He was raised on waters of the Kara Sea and helped his father, a prominent fishermen in the area sell his catch to the few that lived there. 

White Shield has been the Captain of the Duwalla for 2 years, he has accumulated millions of dollars in gold treasure.  He has special treasure that know one can steal or they will be cursed.  As long as White Shield has possession of this treasure, he will be the most dreaded pirate on the sea's.

In the early years White Shield was a fishermen just like his old man and he went by the name of London.  But one day a pirate by the name of Blood stole the ship he was on, along with his catch and he was taken prisoner and made to work on Bloods ship.  He was enslaved on Bloods ship for 7 years before finally escaping.  After escaping, London traveled to Italy where he found him self working for an old man.  The old man told him stories everyday about an enchanted treasure off the coast of the new found land called Roanoke Island.  London listened with the utmost attention and wrote down every detail of the stories the old man told.  One day about 2 years after he met the old man, he found that he had passed away.  London had lost the only other person that had ever seemed to care about him.  The old man was holding an old piece of linen that had a drawling of a White Shield on it.  He took the linen and opened it to find a map of the island that he had spoken of all this time.  He new know what he must do.  He would take the linen and find a group of men that would help him on his adventure to find the enchanted treasure.

One of the men, a captain of the a ship called the Duwalla, and he called him self McCormick agreed to help London find the treasure.  Their journey took them 2 months.  These months consisted of gathering a crew to man the Duwalla, getting the needed funds to pay the men that consisted mostly of fishermen and criminals, loading food and supplies on the ship and sailing the Atlantic in search of the mysterious booty.

After this time London had finally found his treasure.  It had been over three years since he had first heard of it and the powers that came with having control of it.  But as soon as he touched the first piece of gold, McCormick and the men of the Duwalla took the treasure from London and were to leave him on Roanoke.  But London would not have it.  As the men of the Duwalla and it's captain began to walk away from London and back to their ship, London was angered.  He still held the one piece of treasure that McCormick allowed him to keep.  London held it in his hand looking at it, he knew all that he had worked for and his dreams from the stories that the old man once told were walking aways from him.  He held the piece in his right hand squeezing it as it cut though his hardend hands.  His face grew red, and his eyes focused on the one that betrayed him.  London drew back his hand and with all his might he threw his only peice at McCormick.  The piece spun threw the chilled air, flipping as the light from the moon reflected from its shine and finally struck the captain in the back of the head.  As McCormick fell towards the ground, a new Captin of the Duwalla rose, a man that would strike fear for any man that sailed the open water.  His name is and would ever be Captian White Shield of the Dreaded Duwalla. 

 Remember: Talk Like a Pirate Day September 19

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